Half-Day East Bank Tour Karnak and Luxor Temples from Luxor


The Half-Day East Bank tour from Luxor is a fascinating journey into the heart of ancient Egypt. This tour includes visits to two of the most iconic temples in the region: Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple. Karnak Temple is a vast complex of ancient temples, chapels, and other buildings dedicated to the Theban triad of gods. Luxor Temple, located in the heart of the modern city of Luxor, is a beautifully preserved temple complex dedicated to the god Amun. Both temples are renowned for their stunning architecture, intricate carvings, and rich history, making this tour a must-see for anyone interested in ancient Egyptian culture and history.


1st. Stop

Karnak Temple

Our guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in Luxor at the scheduled time to begin your tour to the East Bank.

Upon your arrival you will Explore the vast complex of Karnak Temple, which is dedicated to the Theban triad of gods, Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. Marvel at the towering columns, intricate carvings, and hieroglyphics that tell the stories of ancient Egyptian mythology.

2nd. Stop

Luxor Temple

You will then head to Luxor Temple, located in the heart of Luxor city. This beautifully preserved temple complex is dedicated to the god Amun and was once the site of the ancient Opet Festival.

Take a leisurely stroll through the temple’s courtyards, statues, and chapels while your guide shares insights into the temple’s history and significance.

At the end of the tour your driver will take you back to your hotel in Luxor.


NOTE: The order of the visits may be modified, but all included services will be provided.

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4 Hours



Spoken Languages​

English - Spanish - Portuguese - Italian - French - Germany - Russian - Chinese.​


wheelchair not available. ​


Not allowed.


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